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Auction Process

LIVE Auction “is the Quickest and most cost effective method of selling real estate in the market Today”

The Auction process begins with calling an All Pro Auction Staff Auctioneer. Our first priority is to enhance your bottom line and get the most money for your property.   We will evaluate your property and make a comparable market analysis of the property being sold.

Upon signing an agreement with All Pro Auction Company we will prepare a comprehensive marketing plan to best advertise and market your property. We bring a wide range of marketing options so that on Auction Day we have the proper and qualified buyers bidding on your property.

Our team will assemble information on the property being sold so that we may answer any and all questions a buyer might have. This will insure that there are no issues with the property on sale day (ie. Any EPA, easements etc. that could arise), these will be addressed so that there can be a timely closing (normally 30 days or less).

These details encompass all facets of fielding calls, faxes and emails generated from advertising the property both locally and nationally.  On the day of auction our staff will arrive early to ensure that signage, reception of early buyers and registration takes place so that the sale may start on time. In addition, all legal documents related to the sale are in place and ready for the new buyers signature.

The Auction process of selling Real Estate works because it brings buyers and sellers together at one time and one place, which allows YOU to CLOSE ON YOUR PROPERTY QUICKLY! In most cases CLOSING take place with 30 days or less!

Explaining the Two Types of Auctions:

RESERVE AUCTION: The seller has the right to accept or reject the last and highest bid made by a bidder.
ABSOLUTE AUCTION: The property WILL sell to the last and highest bidder regardless of the price. (NO RESERVE – NO MINIMUM)


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